Get Active in Grant County

Get Active in Grant County lists just some of the many wonderful, affordable opportunities for active play in Grant County. It is our hope that this booklet will inspire you and your family to have fun with physical activity. Choose an activity and explore the possibilities for fun!

Get Active! Booklet

Below is a breakdown of the Get Active! booklet.

Welcome to the Get Active Adventure!
Why Get Active?

Simple Steps to Getting Active
Revving Up Your Daily Routine
Energize to Get Active
Eat Right
Nutrition Counseling & Support for Families
Play It Safe
Websites to Get You Moving
Walk in the Park
Music in the Park
State Natural & State Wildlife Areas
Walk Around Town
Letterboxing & Geocaching
Ride Your Bike
Bird Watching
Grow a Garden
Active Winter Fun
Active Opportunities in Communities
Senior Dining Sites
Keep the Kids Busy
Boy Scouts / Girl Scouts
Summer Recreation Programs & Roller Skating
Visit a Farm
Boating, Canoeing & Kayaking
Other Active Outdoor Resources
Museums & State Historical Sites
Enjoy a “STAY”cation
Questions? Call the UW-Extension Office

If you have any questions regarding Get Active in Grant County, please contact:

Donna Peterson, Nutrition Coordinator/Educator
Grant, Green, Iowa, Lafayette Counties
Youth and Agriculture Center
916 East Elm Street, Suite A
Lancaster, WI 53813
Phone: 608-333-4803
Fax: 608-723-4315