Steps to Become a Master Gardener

How do I know if I’d make a good Master Gardener volunteer?

You could qualify to be a Master Gardener if:
• You want to learn more about plants and gardening.
• You are eager to participate in a practical and intensive training program.
• You enjoy sharing your knowledge with others.
• You have the time to attend training and serve your community as a volunteer educator.

The following steps are required to become a Master Gardener in Grant County:

– Complete the Master Gardener Application.
– A background check will be completed prior to the classroom training.
– Complete and sign the UWEX Volunteer Behavior Expectations prior to the classroom training.

Any resident of Wisconsin 18 years or older is eligible to be a Master Gardener Volunteer. Potential Master Gardener Volunteers should be interested in horticulture, dependable, unbiased and open-minded, and willing to help people with their horticultural concerns.  Master Gardener Volunteers offer their expertise to local horticulture projects, and they volunteer their services for community beautification projects, gardening workshops, and other programs.

  •  Enroll and complete Level 1 training

    Our program has continued to be a premier community service-learning program connecting America’s foremost pastime, gardening, with volunteer opportunities in the area we live.
  • Level 1 training is a minimum of 36 hours of in-depth training on a variety of horticulture topics including botany, soils, pest management, entomology, plant pathology, weeds, and much more. It is intended to provide a basic understanding of horticultural concepts necessary to complete the volunteer service required for certification, as well as learning where to acquire additional information and resources in order to answer questions. The training is offered through the MG Program Office and Grant County Extension Office.
  • The MG Program Office has a new program delivery method emphasizing flexibility and uniformity, with several options for offering training. It will incorporate a flipped classroom option with the manual and online videos for outside the class preparation by the students; activities and discussion for in class work.
  • The cost varies from $80-110 and is determined at enrollment.
  • MGV-in-Training must enter the required 24 volunteer hours within one year of completing training.  If you are interested in participating in the MG Program, please contact the Extension Office. Number of applicants who apply will determine the dates and location.  Applicants will be contacted once a date is set. Please contact the Extension Office at 608-723-2125 to register.
  • Visit the Wisconsin Master Gardener web site at for more information about the programs.

More information about our association can be found at and use the contact form for any questions.

How to Re-certify Each Year

Once you have become a certified master gardener you will have to enter your volunteer hours at on a yearly basis by October 1 of current year.  For certification, you would need to complete a minimum of 24 hours of volunteer time and 10 hours of continuing education.